Christine TSE



Christine Tse Li-Yen recently joined CPA Partnership Pte Ltd, a local Accounting Firm providing end to end full range services to Corporations as well as to Individuals as a Corporate Communicator.

An avid reader and articulate communicator with an artistic and creative streak, Christine has a keen observant eye for fine detail, a passion for up to the minute research and an eloquence that enables her to bring accurate and fresh perspectives on matters that might otherwise escape someone else’s radar. During her career, she has worked in supporting roles with Management Level Executives, effecting, enabling and complementing clear channels of communication on every level.

Christine has worked for the Sinar Mas Group from Indonesia, Bank International Indonesia and Asia Pulp and Paper. She was also a member of the founding team that set up Hydroculture-Scape, a horticultural business that supplies soil-less indoor plants to many large local organisations. Hydroculture Scape is a successful business that was later acquired by the Danish Company ISS World.

Her yearning and creative spirit later led her to Co-Found and introduce stand-alone Digital Advertising Panels from Taoping Inc, a Nasdaq listed firm based in Shenzhen, China. Christine imagined, captioned and created Digital Narratives that were featured on panels that were installed all over Ascendas-Singbridge Buildings at Science Park. Her most inspiring, memorable and satisfying experiences were gained working with local as well as Artists from Paris, Scotland, Thailand and New York to showcase their Art in Digital Format. She was responsible for Ascendas-Singbridge successfully adopting an exquisite art piece that was graciously donated by a prominent artist that she had collaborated with in an Art Pop Up project at Science Park.

Christine remains committed and passionate in everything that she undertakes to do in life. Her motto in life being “anything worth doing is worth doing well” and “perseverance leads to success”.